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Summer English Seminar of Intellectual Property by IP Graduate School Union in Tokyo. "Considering Intellectual Property Strategy for today’s Japan"

A summer English seminar of intellectual property is held on the theme of "Considering intellectual property strategy for today’s Japan" in the current fiscal year by setting it as the further target that the Japanese graduate schools cooperate and promote the training for the highly advanced experts of intellectual property in Asia including developing countries. This is a summer English seminar which the member schools of Japan Association of Universities for Intellectual Property Education and Research (JAUIP) in Tokyo; Science University of Tokyo, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Nihon University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Kokushikan University (participating after the following fiscal year) hold jointly, following the summer intensive course which has been held in Osaka Institute of Technology. Also, the lectures by the cooperation of Intellectual Property Association of Japan are offered.

It will be held as intensive four-day seminar early in September, and lectures will be offered in each university campus. All lectures are provided in English by a full-time professor or associate professor, a visiting professor, or a part-time lecturer of each graduate school. Each graduate school is established as an intellectual property graduate school, an intellectual property program of a law graduate school or engineering graduate school, or an intellectual property management field of a technology management graduate school, and it has different features of education and research, respectively. We expect they can serve various and interesting curriculum.

A student widely from Asian region is expected to join the seminar. Working people also is expected to join the seminar.
Since the date of seminar is scheduled just after the end of the summer intensive course held in Osaka Institute of Technology (refer to this brochure page 8), students of the summer intensive course of Osaka Institute of Technology can participate also in this summer seminar held in Tokyo.
Attendance fee is 3,000 Japanese yen. Fees for accommodation and meal are the responsibility of the attendees.
The seminar of this year (2012) begins in the afternoon of Thursday, September 6 and continues through the afternoon of Sunday, September 9. Let us inform an inquiry to the following persons in charge of Tokyo summer seminar, if any.

Tokyo Institute of Technology  Prof. Tomoko Saiki
Nihon University  Prof. Hiroshi Kato

Mail address: summer-seminar-2012@jauip.org
 Brochure of Summer-seminar-2012 
 Time Table
Note:The program of the 3rd and 4th day has been changed.
Access Infomation
<Sep. 6>Tokyo Institute of Technology Tamachi Campus
 Room No. 913 on the 9th floor of Campus Innovation Center
<Sep. 7>Nihon-University Suidobashi Campus
 Fourth floor of Building No. 10 , COLLEGE OF LAW NIHON UNIVERSITY
<Sep. 8>Tokyo University of Science, School of Innovation
Studies, Department of Intellectual Property Studies

 Central Plaza 2F,MIP Campus
<Sep. 9>Kanazawa Institute of Technology(K.I.T.), Tokyo
Toranomon Campus

 12th floor, Atago-Toyo-Building
To register for the Tokyo Summer Intensive Seminar, please e-mail ( summer-seminar-2012@jauip.org ) to submit a completed registration form until 30 June, 2012.Deadline was extended until 20 July, 2012.
Submission of a completed registration form before 20 July, 2012 does not guarantee enrollment in the seminar as preference will be given to foreign attendees. We also reserve the right to limit the number of attendees within 40. In July, 2012, we will notify you of your registration confirmation. We will ask for tuition payment on the first day of the seminar at Tamachi campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
For more information about the Tokyo Summer Intensive Seminar, please don't hesitate to email us at ( summer-seminar-2012@jauip.org ) .

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