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Program of the JAUIP 2016 Summer IP Seminar
(Student Course / Practitioner Course)

  In 2012, the Japan Association of Universities for Intellectual Property Education and Research (JAUIP), a nonprofit educational organization, started the summer English seminar for intellectual property studies in Japan. This seminar was intended for attendees in and out of Japan who had interest in learning intellectual property and its management in English. This year, the JAUIP opens the 4th summer seminar for the period from August 24 through August 28, 2015 in Tokyo.
  During the seminar, all programs will be performed using English. Lecturers and speakers are leading IP professors and practicing attorneys. The seminar includes a visit to and a tour of the Japan Patent Office and the Intellectual Property High Court to conclude the program. The student course is supported from such renowned institutions as WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization, IPAJ (the Intellectual Property Association of Japan) and JIPA (the Japan Intellectual Property Association).

  In 2015, the JAUIP opened, in addition to the students’ course, an intensive program of 3 days for patent practitioners in Asia. We continue to open the practitioner course for the period from Monday August 29 through Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Distinguished lecturers, academic and practicing attorneys, will cover their professional fields of IP practice from procedural aspects to obtain patents to post-grant enforcement and negotiations for licensing.
  The practitioner course is featured with many classes of group work. In each group work, members are supposed to collaborate each other to work on the assignment and prepare a written product within a limited time. The session will surely provide you with opportunities to enhance your professional skill while broadening your human network in the IP arena.

  We welcome your participation to the seminar.

Student Course Information
Date  Augusut 1 to Augusut 5, 2016
Place  Tokyo University of Science, Morito Memorial Hall
 (4-2-2, Kagurazaka, shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo)
 * No.14 Building
Registration fees 3,000(JPY)
Program  Student Course
Registration  Registration form   Exsample
Inquiries Nihon University  Prof. Hiroshi Kato
Mail address: summer-seminar@jauip.org

Practitioner Course Information
Date   Augusut 29 to Augusut 31, 2016
Place  Tokyo University of Science, Porta Kagurazaka
 (2-6, Kagurazaka, shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo)
 * No.16 Building
Registration fees 70,000(JPY)
 Practitioner Course
Registration  Registration form   Exsample

* Applicants are suggested to send the application form and their own resume (within 1 page).
Inquiries Chair of JAUIP Prof. Jinzo Fujino
Mail address: summer-seminar@jauip.org

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