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Lecture materials

Lecture materials of the JAUIP 2015 Summer IP Seminar
(Student Course / Practitioner Course)

Student Course
August 24 WIPO(1) -Lecture: Globalization and IP
WIPO(2) -Panel Discussion-
WIPO(3) -Panel Discussion-
August 25 Patent Law
Industrial Design Law
Trademark Law
IPAJ Session: Japan Innovation System & IP
JIPA Session: Honda IP activity in ASEAN
August 26 Unfair Competition Prevention Law
Copyright Law
International Trade & IP
Patent, Standard and Anti-Competition Law
Group Work
August 27 Patent Practice
IP Rights in the ICT field
Intellectual Property Strategy Formulation

Practitioner Course
August 31 Lecture: IP Harmonization – International framework
Lecture: Patentability and Patentable Subject Matter
(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)
Group Work: Analyzing damages calculation in the case of Apple v. Samsung
September1 Lecture: Fundamentals of Patent Prosecution in Japan/US
(1)  (2)
Lecture: Issues caused by translations in Japan/US
(1)  (2)
Group Work: Drafting patent Claims
September2 Lecture: Fundamentals of Dispute Resolutions In Japan/US
(1)  (2)
Role Play: Mock Patent License Negotiations
Group Work: Drafting Settlement Clauses

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